Cleaning and Maintenance

We do more than just fix leaks. We can also help you get an older pool to glow like new again with expert No-Drain Stain Treatments. We offer more than just adding chemical; we do deep-down stain removal, brush your pool, clean your tile and filter and gets your pool sparkling like new again. Expert In-Water Stain Removal Backed with a Guarantee! We are confident in our abilities to help you with your pool/spa STAINS, in fact, we’re so confident in our ability to take your dingy pool and make it sparkle again, that we do not invoice you for stain removal treatment that you’re not completely satisfied with.

A Pristine Swimming Pool and Spa is just a telephone call away! We will clean your pool twice a week and provide you the best solutions throughout Coco Plum and Duck Key in The Florida Keys. We can restore or preserve your pool’s appearance and maintain its chemistry. We offer exceptional swimming pool maintenance, in-water stain removal, and leak detection service for residential and commercial pools serving The Florida Keys that covers Coco Plum and Duck Key.

Call us – you will be glad you did!

Eyesore or gem, we can restore or preserve your pool’s appearance and maintain its chemistry with regular cleaning for safe use. To schedule regular maintenance, locate a leak or remove stains.